New Opensim NPC recorder/player

My newest NPC Recorder and Player script is a complete Non Player Character recorder and controller for OpenSim. Each script controls one NPC.

The system is very easy to use. You wear a prim on your screen, walk or fly around, and click the prim. There are many commands you can choose, such as walk, run, fly, chat, and wander. After recording the route, you click Save and then Start, and your NPC will appear and follow all your instructions.

Prim Animation Compiler

This new, free  prim animator compiler is a very useful and easy to use script for Second Life and OpenSim.  I based it on an excellent script by Allen Firethorn. Just drop the two scripts into an object, click the object, and give your animation a name. Move all the prims around, and click Record. When done, click the Compile button. It writes fast, optimized code for you.  How to use it.
  • Create as many animation scripts as you want
  • Record variable pauses in any animation
  • Optimizes memory use  to be as small as possible
  • Easily editable output
  • Compatible with my other prim animators

Second Life and Open Sim Color Picker for Scripts

The color picker in your OpenSim or Second Life viewer is a wonderful tool, but it only works in-world, it sucks for scripts, and it's friggin Immy useless when I am not in a virtual world. All the alternatives  were a pain or had too few colors, including JQuery's color picker.   So I fixed it. 

This color picker supports all the colors, and the output is in LSL color vector format. 

Tandy the Tiny Jewel Fairy Avatar goes Open Source

Tandy, the tiny Jewel Fairy avatar needs your help! A demon has been sexting her with nasty chat messages and chasing her around the virtual worlds. She had a night-mare, caught it and rode the mare away, and is now hiding in my computer as Open Source in a zip file. She needs an Ogre like you to rescue her from my virtual world, and bring her to yours.
Tere is a complete set of tutorials at on how to make a a very tiny avatar, including clothing, scripts, a mesh house, a scripted magic wand, a fairy AO and much more!

Royalty Free textures and free wood templates

I was out looking for a nice wood texture to use in Phaze Demesnes, and as usual, could not find what I needed. So I fired up Wood Workshop by Spiral graphics and made one. This is a wonderful free tool for making wood and brick textures that I have used for years:

Then I got curious to see what else they make, and discovered that they have a equally wonderful (and free) texture viewer with access to hundreds of modifiable and useful textures for Second life and OpenSim users.

Please Help Lucy The Angel Fly And To Live In A Dragon-Egg House

Lucy needs your help.  Lucy is an angel that wants to fly free and live in a dragon egg house. Until now, she has lived in the Stanford 3D Scanning Repository as very large 116 million triangle angel, but she really wants to be a 2-prim angel and to be able to fly.  She wants a 5-prim dragon egg to live in, too.

So she needs your help! Once you have brought Lucy into your virtual world, just click her dragon egg home.  It will open like a flower and let her roam around. Clicking her home again calls her back, and she will wait for you to summon her again.

Lucy can fly in Second Life and OpenSim grids, or any other virtual world that supports mesh objects.

So lets go free Lucy!

42 Minute Music And Speech Player/Broadcaster For Second Life.

Ever been to a museum and been given a headset and player that speaks and plays music whenever you get next to an exhibit? This set of scripts makes that happen in Second Life or OpenSim. It's ideal for artists, exhibits, sim owners, and landowners anywhere. You can use it to tell the story of your world, to announce what a piece of art is about, give directions ("you are on the path to ..."), or anything else you dream up. You can play any length of music, spoken words, or chat to speech from my free text-to-wav file web page, up to 43 minutes long, without using shared media. You can single play, or loop forever, too.

I'm including some bonus pieces, all free.  There is nice set of mesh headphones, and  there is a pair of nice free programs to convert M3  files for Second Life, and How to Split Wave files for Second Life.


Here is the article on the scripts and how to use them.