Sphere World - Walk, live and raise pets on a Sphere World in Second Life

I've released my Sphere World into the Open source community.   You can get the scripts for pet animals and the world (xs-pets.zip) file at my download link and the instructions and scripts at this link.
If you make one of these, please send me a pic to fred @ mitsi.com and I'll post it.

Sphere World has three versions:  One is a world you can walk on by clicking a poseball.  It finds the nearest sphere world, and lets you actually walk on the sphere No more flatland walks!
The second use is a set of replacement scripts for  xs_pets that lets pets live and breed on a sphere. Here's a pic of the pet robots living on a small world:

The third way to use them is to make non-breedable things live on a sphere.
I've got a set of robots living on a moon in the dome at Phaze Demesnes as well as some nice little elves that live on a sphere. They are up and running free, too, so visit Phaze Demesnes and grab a copy.