42 Minute Music And Speech Player/Broadcaster For Second Life.

Ever been to a museum and been given a headset and player that speaks and plays music whenever you get next to an exhibit? This set of scripts makes that happen in Second Life or OpenSim. It's ideal for artists, exhibits, sim owners, and landowners anywhere. You can use it to tell the story of your world, to announce what a piece of art is about, give directions ("you are on the path to ..."), or anything else you dream up. You can play any length of music, spoken words, or chat to speech from my free text-to-wav file web page, up to 43 minutes long, without using shared media. You can single play, or loop forever, too.

I'm including some bonus pieces, all free.  There is nice set of mesh headphones, and  there is a pair of nice free programs to convert M3  files for Second Life, and How to Split Wave files for Second Life.


Here is the article on the scripts and how to use them.